Ultimate Reality Dev Log 4! Atlantis level's enemy revealed!


Hey everyone! This weeks dev log covers the new Atlantis Map tile set and the new enemy types that are present in this map. Hopefully it will give you all some insight into how this map will play out.


Levels in this new map will have a different style than those in the previous cyber city map. In this new map, players can wall jump too reach higher places or stay close to the water. There are only two platform types that the player can interact with here and those are the static ones, represented by broken circuits on the floor and the jump through platforms that are represented by floating brick platforms. This should make it more obvious on what is a platform and what is something used for decoration. I will be testing these platforms out soon and have other test it. 


There are currently four enemy types that are going to be in this specific map. The light enemies will be a standard enemy that can block and attack. 

The heavy enemy will have a shield that prevents the player from straight on hitting the enemy. Instead, the player will have to wait until the enemy starts attacking to be able to dodge and attack the enemy from behind. This heavy enemy cannot be launched into the air. This will add more variety in the way that the heavy enemy interacts with the player.

The range enemy still acts the same as before, meaning that players can telegraph when the enemy will shoot a projectile and when to avoid it. The jump enemy is the newest enemy to come into the game. This enemy type does a splash like damage when falling from the ground. This enemy type also does it's best to avoid coming in contact with the player and will attack when its least expected.


This new level design will feature some obstacles such as spikes and columns that will be in the environment. The player will have to figure out when it is a good time to move or when it is a good time wait and sit it out.


That is all for this week! I hope you are all enjoying the game so far and taking care of yourselves! Until the next one! For more info and more updates you can follow me over at [url=https://twitter.com/flykidsblue1] Twitter[/url] or join the [url=http://discord.gg/qzJXxZk]Discord Community[/url]!

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