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You have been warned

You are trying to make a living in the hack̶̲̏i̴̲̅ng̵̗͒ business, meanwhile uncovering secrets
about a large c̷͇̏͝ö̶̥́r̴̰͔̄p̴̩̒o̶̺̎͐r̶͕̀a̴͚͚͠tì̴͇̔o̸͎̳͂n̶̢̚ and about your past. Can you make it all the way without getting caught? Hack your way through an "exe" simulator that will leave you at the edge with jumpscares and a lot of scary and horror elements. Also strategically solve puzzles and decrypt many of the dark secrets this game has to offer. It might get hard. You have been warned

-Feel the ex̷̝̅p̴̭̋e̶̦͒͊r̴̞̄į̴̮̔e̶͎͠ṇ̸̏̅c̵̪͘ë̴͖́ to hack and the adrenaline while you are under surveillance
-Think logically of how to get to your next objective
-Get to know the u̶̹͘n̴̮̄d̶͚̔e̸̦̽ŗ̸͛g̴̗͐r̵̮̈́o̶̫̕u̴̯̎n̷̫̽d̵͍͘ network you work with
-Uncover the m̴y̸s̸t̷e̴r̸i̵e̵s̶ of the past and of an entity h̴͚̃͜aunting you
-Can you s̵u̶r̴v̷i̴v̸e̴ ̷all the way without getting caught?

Few things to keep in mind:
-Just type on the keyboard when you have a text box to write in
-Be sure to check the messages and contact tabs when you hear "notification" sounds and sound different from the "vpn off" alarm
-Use the "alt" keys to switch from full to windowed screen
-If you find any bugs, please tell me so :D

No one has been able to finish this demo, do you think you will be the first one? Publish your gameplay on youtube and send me a link to it so you can win a special reward

Feed back and comments are appreciated


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Cool stuff! Liked the Netfilms, ha.


Thanks for the comment! Glad you caught that ;)